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Comercianți verificați crypto response to Gaetz's question leaves him shaking his head Cnn bitcoin A year-old shot at two masked intruders who broke into his grandmother's home just before 1 a.

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The intruders had demanded money from year-old Linda Ellis and subsequently shot her, police said in a statement posted on the Goldsboro Police Department's Facebook page. Police said the juvenile fired "in self-defense" at the suspects who then fled.

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Officers found one of the suspects, year-old Khalil Herring, at an intersection near the Ellis home, suffering from an apparent gunshot wound, the statement said. Herring was later pronounced dead.

Ellis, the juvenile's grandmother, was treated for injuries that were not life-threatening and is currently listed in stable condition, Goldsboro police said. When reached by CNN, a spokeswoman for Goldsboro Police would not provide any information about the second suspect in the attempted robbery.

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Randolph Bunn, who said he's the juvenile's great-uncle, told WTVD that he was in the home when the intruders forced their way cnn bitcoin and that one of them was armed with a gun.

It's got to stop," Coley said.

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