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Why Mt. Meanwhile, the clamour of angry customer voices is growing.

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Gox graphic above. It has promised an update on Monday 10th February Japan time.

bitcoin europe exchange

The internal workings of Mt. Gox have long been the focus of discussion in the bitcoin community. Some respondents said they were still waiting to receive their funds. About a third of respondents said bitcoin europe exchange did successfully withdraw funds from Mt. Gox — many of whom had short waiting times. About half reported receiving their funds within a week.

But for everyone else, the waiting game continued. Gox did little to reduce withdrawal delays. The CoinDesk survey has attracted more than 2, responses since it went live on 4th February.

bitcoin europe exchange

The company has posted a notice of delays on its main trading page since the beginning oforiginally citing a backlog caused by Japanese New Year business holidays as the cause. Andreas Antonopoulos, who recently joined Blockchain.

Why Mt. Gox, the World’s First Bitcoin Exchange, is Dying

Gox has built an exchange based on a hodgepodge of technologies that are really not suitable for running an exchange. The root of the problem lies in its decision to use a version of the bitcoin client it customised itself, rather than the standard client.

bitcoin europe exchange

As a result, Gox handles the protocol with some discrepancies. One of those discrepancies, as Antonopoulos understands it, is the way transactions are propagated through the network.

bitcoin europe exchange

A miner on Gox, for example, will prematurely be credited for a new block before the network has a chance bitcoin europe exchange confirm the transaction. As a result, when the transaction hits the bitcoin network to be corroborated, it is rejected.

Gox should not be generating non-standard transactions in the first place. In the case of the mining example, the cancelled and resubmitted transactions cause delays in fulfilling withdrawal requests within Gox.

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