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International payments association like MasterCard or Visa, would be happy for us all to believe that germs simply prefer cash to credit.

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Independent research carried out by scientists at Oxford University reveals that European bank notes contain a number of pathogenic organisms that is sufficient for passing on infection.

Cash is always perceived as the least hygienic of everyday items, but perception varies from country to country.

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In fact, in all European markets, apart from Finland, the majority perceives cash as often worn out and dirty. New research from MasterCard shows that Europeans believe cash to be worn out, dirty and riddled with bacteria.

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Independent research carried out by scientists at Oxford University reveals that European bank notes on average contain bitcoin aureus 26, bacteria, with 2, bacteria found on the cleanest, newest currency.

The bank notes we tested harboured an average of 26, bacteria, which, for a number of pathogenic organisms is sufficient for passing on infection. Previous studies of bank notes have indicated contamination with potentially harmful bacteria such as Klebsiella[1] and Enterobacter[2] species which can cause disease in humans.

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Increasingly antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria are a threat, a point recently raised by Dame Sally Davies, chief medical officer of England. With banknotes passing between so many individuals there is merit in a wider study tracking bitcoin recenzii despre profit spread of resistant strains through movement of bank notes globally.

In all 15 European countries surveyed cash was perceived to be the least hygienic item of all — more so than escalator handrails, the bitcoin aureus on a payment terminal and books in a library.


Coliform-covered cards In a British study not touted by MasterCard, researchers from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine swabbed the hands, money and credit cards of people in Birmingham, Liverpool and London.

When the swabs were cultured, researchers found that 8 percent of the cards were infested with fecal bacteria, compared bitcoin aureus 6 percent of the bank notes.

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Dirtiest of all? The European Cleaning Journal cited yet another study in which Dr. Ron Cutler, senior lecturer at the school of biological and chemical sciences at bitcoin aureus University of London, analyzed banknotes and 45 credit cards. He found that 47 percent of the credit cards sported high levels of bacteria — including E.

In a grant-based study cited by CreditCards.

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Petersburg College found that half of bitcoin aureus credit cards sampled at local malls, stores and hospitals tested positive for methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, better known as Bitcoin aureus.

Mobile microbes Before mobile payment enthusiasts get all exercised about how these studies make a toilet-watertight case for contactless NFC, it should be mentioned that the London School of Hygiene found as much fecal bacteria infestation on mobile phones as they did on currency, though still less than on credit cards.

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The bacteria numbered between 2, and 4, units. A germ of truth Bitcoin aureus would be happy for us all to believe that germs simply prefer cash to credit.

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Or that people who use cash are dirtier than people who use plastic. You can press your freshly laundered cash with a degree bitcoin aureus to kill any straggling Staphylococcus.

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And then, with your germy hands, put it back in your germy wallet next to your germy MasterCard. Where it will again become infested with bacteria.

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